Ester Ferrando is a fashion designer specializing in Knitting and graduated with honors from the Winchester School of Arts (United Kingdom).
He has more than 20 years of experience in all parts of the value chain of the knitted fashion sector, from the study of the raw material, through design and prototyping and ending with the definition, supervision and quality control of the production of the garments.
She has worked in Paris and London assisting in the study of materials and creation of collections and also as an expert in the study of design prototypes and small productions for renowned Catalan firms such as Josep Font, Cortana,…
After a few years of working alone, at the end of 2018,
Ester founded the company “Ester Ferrando Knitwear S.L. (EFK)”, together with the rest of the entrepreneurial team. The founding team completes Ester’s experience by providing knowledge of business management, business development and international trade.